Everything Clinical Staff Need

Designed with your clinical staff in mind


Efficient way to manage your residents drug administration, schedule time in advance and avoid missed medications

Get Alerts

Unique alert system for medication management via nurse dashboard and patient diary, automated alerts indicating which medication, time to be administrated, how and for whom.


Medicine administration module comes up with administration of controlled drugs and PRN management, refusal and reasons, provides full visibility of patient medicine usage.


Complete records of resident prescriptions, usage, pharmacy details, allergies, medical conditions , GP details etc fully secured and accessible anytime.


Supports medicine trolley preparation- plan and administer residents medication in a safe, timely and efficient manner


Conduct periodic medicine usage review, with your preferred pharmacist, share tools with pharmacist to reduce medication incidents & errors and to ensure patient safety


Includes comprehensive reports – daily administration, medicine usage, stock levels, missed medication, disposal, stopped medication, refusals etc


Automated reordering and stock management system – from your preferred pharmacy or through our pharmacy solution partners