Everything Clinical Staff Need

Designed with your clinical staff in mind


Unique diary for front office staff to manage appointments, set reminders and to organize all other activities.

Manage Booking

Flexible booking management system to manage customer enquirers and room bookings, check room availability and rates etc.


Record complaints from residents and their relatives, alert them to relevant department and track the progress of complaint resolution process.

Visitors Register

Effortlessly collect visitors information, purpose of visit, record visiting time, keep people safe, protect assets & brand, keep track of security and reduce compliance risk


Conveniently and safely message between staff and maintain a record of communication

Room Availability

Rate master for setting room rates, track unoccupied rooms and create marketing campaigns.

Emergency Contacts

Fully customizable contacts manager, Add emergency contact information for immediate access.

Automated Alerts

Automatically alerts upcoming appointments, reminders, complaints follow up etc.