Automates Daily Housekeeping Activities

Ensure Hygiene
Schedule & Track
Minimize Accidents


Maximise the effectiveness and effeciency of your houskeeping department by assigning, scheduling and tracking the tasks on a timely manner to ensure the highest safety. Assign rooms to your housekeeping staff based on blocks/floors or sort them based on their status to manage the work. Employees confirm when a room is clean and the system does the rest. Ensure that all rooms/common areas have been cleaned to highest standards by performing inspections.

Maintenance & repair activities can be assigned to staff from the same dept dose or another and these tasks can be tracked for timely completion. Get a snapshot in real time of the overall hygiene situation from the status summary.

Cleaning Log


Management Repair & Equipment

Management Cleaning locations


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Real time recording of completed tasks, review and make changes to cope up with health and safety standards
Inbuilt with repair management tool, record faulty items, create management plan, prioritize and fix them based on urgency.
Create cleaning locations with detailed instructions, set cleaning frequency and assign job based on area, track the progress
Comprehensive reports including cleaning logs, completed tasks, repairs, missed tasks etc.
Conveniently and safely message between staff and maintain a record of communications
Timed Tasks
Powerful task scheduler enables you to create tasks, assign to a person or group, track and monitor the progress
Inventory Management
Track your entire process of order placement and maintain records of inventory in each department , you no longer need spreadsheets
Simplify the process, manage the control of your housekeeping department and its operations with few clicks, our job tracking feature offers better control with less effort