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Personal Care
Automated Alerts


  • Admission & Discharge
  • Medical history & EHR
  • Clinical timeline
  • Care plans & Assessments
  • Wounds Management
  • Accidents & Incidents
  • Vitals & ADL
  • Summary & Contacts
  • Personal Care
  • GP & MDT
Empower your clinical teams to easily capture resident information and establish a personalized care plan to ensure best care quality for residents. This will assure their safety and full satisfaction. Our collaborative platform supports real-time data sharing between clinical staff. This ensures timely delivery of the appropriate care and clinical interventions. The individual resident's personalized assessments and care plan is the key to manage their needs and requests across the continuum of care.

InselCare promotes best practices to help minimise costs and improve health outcomes


Comprehensive Dashboard

Enjoy web-based intuitive dashboard, real-time overview of the metrics needed to analyse, plan, manage and improve care activities, productivity, and growth

Automated Alerts

Automatically notifies due dates and resident clinical assessments, remind you of key-dates, alerts are fully customizable

Simple Charting

Simple, clean and engaging charts to analyze resident's vitals and make evidence based clinical decisions

Status View

Up-to-date clinical and non-clinical information of care home residents and staff, access anytime from single source


Schedule, track and analyse resident progress and create new plans, make intelligent decisions on right time

Work Overview

Complete overview of past and present resident care status, interventions etc., allowing team members to continuously monitor and collaborate on resident's progress


Personalized dairy for every clinical staff, Easy to check their upcoming resident appointments, care plan and assessment dues etc , linked with roster builder and also works as personal organizer

Maximize productivity

Ensures better team work, single-source of shared information for each client in real-time. Replaces disparate systems and manual processes, streamlining management of resident care needs.


Consistent, shared and accessible resident medical information for clinician decision making process, modules include medical conditions , vitals, allergies, medications, lab results and vaccination history.

Secure Messaging

Conveniently message between clinical and non-clinical staff, GP's, MDT service providers and pharmacists etc. which supports timely interventions

Care Plans

A single, detailed record for each client, which can be fully customizable for each home, automated alerts for reviews


Built-in with a range of assessments to analyse risk factors and to improve the overall quality of care and safety for your residents.

Document Management

Capture, scan, and attach paper charts, clinical images, x-rays, lab results etc directly into the resident electronic chart for complete, accurate, and up-to-date information availability.

Accidents & Incidents

Get real-time accidents and incident reports, address the incidents and make changes in care plans immediately, develop preventative action plans


Streamlined data management, captures logs, data- updates, sharing of information etc to comply with quality, accreditation and compliance processes

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