Complete HR Solution, Go paperless!

Our Point of Care is surprisingly easy to use. Share information in real time, clinical data flows seamlessly between clinical staff, easy manage encounters,create plans, monitor ADL's,assessments, progress notes and much more …

Complete HR Solution, Go Paperless!

HR Solution that automates internal processes and saves time

Employee Records
Ensure Compliance
Reviews & Performance
Digital Records


It's a complete HR management solution that manages employee information and gives easy access to all of your team records. Get easy access to staff information by using smart filters to search by e.g. office or department, across the whole employee database.

The employee support module can alert management about training, CPD's, health and safety etc. It provides a centralised location to store and track employee related documents.

Employee Profile

Employment Details

Documents Management

Training & CPD Logbook

Reviews & Performance

Vaccination & Medical

Case logs

Accidents & Incidents


Time and attendance
Track your employees' time, attendance, and calculate hours. Plan in advance
Roster Builder
Fully customizable roster builder to manage staff hours, schedule and monitor daily costs
Holiday Planner
Manage employee's holidays, track absenteeism, online leave application and reports
Secure & Centralised employee data, upload documents and files, all consolidated in one place
CPD & Training
Record and track employee trainings and CPD programmes, inbuilt with automated alerts
Complete record of mandatory vaccinations and automated reminders.
Conduct internal reviews, identify the skills of your employees and areas to improve, develop programmes to support them
Self Service
Comes with employee portal, enabling them to access and update their information.
Multi Location
Manage staff availabilities and allocate them to multiple locations – all from single account